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Welcome to Ms. Elliott's 7th Grade English/Reading class!  

This year, we will be exploring our world through analysis of literary texts from various genres, enhancing our writing skills, and extending our critical thinking abilities.  

My goal for the year is to share my love of reading with you, encourage you to be the best version of yourself that you can be, and to help you prepare successfully for the demands of 8th grade English. 

We will also be taking STAAR tests in both reading and writing this spring.  

Let the adventure begin!

1st 6 Weeks
This 6 weeks we will be studying myths and legends, short fiction, and the writing process. 

Important Dates
August 22nd is the first day of school!
The last day of the 6 weeks will be September 30th.  
2nd 6 Weeks
This 6 weeks we will be studying text structures, expository writing, persuasive writing/speeches, and poetry.  

Important Dates
Halloween is October 31st
The 6 weeks ends on November 4th.
3rd 6 Weeks
This 6 weeks we will be studying expository writing, examining how current events impact our writing, and reading short fiction and drama.

Important Dates
UIL December 6
Benchmark Testing Date TBA
The 6 weeks ends on December 21st.