Book & Interactive Notebook
We are very blessed to have an interactive textbook!  This means that not only do you read the book, but the "worksheet" questions are built into the book.  This is also an online version with many more options!  Our textbook is also "consumable" this means we can write in them, we can tear pages out, we can cut it up, etc!! 

Vocabulary is very important in understanding the concept of science!  Daily we will go over new vocabulary words and make flash cards.  These flash cards will be hole punched and put on a ring.  Every friday we will have a vocabulary quiz.  
Our textbook is the main source we will use in class, supplementary sources such as foldables, news articles, magazine articles, and videos will be used in conjunction with the topic we are on. 

This notebook is VERY important to classroom life!! This is where all notes, investigations, etc. will be kept.  Anything that needs to be known will be in the ISN!  ISN's allow us to condense down to the most important aspects of the consumable textbook. These notebook will have teacher input and student output. 

Teacher input can be learning tasks such as: notes, classroom discussions, any teacher lead activity....
Student output can be learning task such as: songs, poems, drawings, vocabulary quilts, acrostics, graphic organizers done by the students, task cards...

ISN's will be looked over and graded.