Homework is vital to experiences in class.  Without the prerequisite viewing of certain material, classroom experiences will be limited.  In order to reach all learners, experiences need to be varied and meaningful.  This cannot happen in the classroom if homework is not complete.

Homework is due at the beginning of the period, do not come in the morning an assignment is due with it completely blank and expect to finish it... I give a week on the majority of my assignments to complete.  There is no reason a student should come to me with something not attempted and expect to be able to finish it during help hours listed at the front page. 
Failure to complete these assignments will result in a detention.  Failure to provide work 2 days after the detention is served, the grade will stand in the gradebook as a 0.  

A few examples are listed below: 
Book checks- assigned reading with questions  
Craft projects
Test corrections - see corrections
Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe
EdPuzzle - a site with uploaded material, with student code izbulwi, it is usually a video that will stop at certain points and ask questions