Dress Code

Dress Code
Posted on 08/07/2017


The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.  Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

We expect students to come to school in clothes that are clean and neat, and we expect students to exhibit basic cleanliness and grooming that will not be a health or safety threat to themselves or to other students or staff. While we respect students’ desire to express themselves in their clothing and grooming styles, we do not permit students to wear clothing with pictures, emblems, or writing that is lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene or that advertises or depicts tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance that students are prohibited from having or using at school. The principal and assistant principal make decisions about dress and grooming violations.

  1. Shorts, skirts, or dresses must be no more than three inches above the knee.
  2. Athletic shorts will be allowed to be worn if accompanied with spandex or bicycle shorts underneath.
  3. Casual apparel such as tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless tops with large armholes, halter tops, low cut or revealing tops are not permitted. See through shirts must have a tank top worn under them at all times.  Sleeveless clothing must be at least three inches in width from the neck to the top of the shoulder and must cover the shoulder for girls. Sleeveless clothing is not allowed for boys. Boys’ shirts must have a sleeve. Shirts like underwear, muscle shirts, or half shirts will not be allowed.
  4. Untucked shirts or blouses must extend below fingertip length. No skin or underclothing shall be exposed standing or sitting as a result of the shirt, blouse, or pants worn. Tying a shirt around your waist to cover up a short shirt is not acceptable. The main shirt must be long enough.
  5. Students must wear appropriate shoes in all school buildings and at all school functions.
  6. Basic underclothing must be worn.
  7. Hairstyles for males shall be groomed or cut in such a manner that it will hang no lower than the top of the eyebrows, below the bottom of the collar, and below the lobe of the ear. Hair cannot be more than two inches high and “man-buns” are not allowed.  Sideburns may extend to the bottom of the ear. Lines or designs in the hair are prohibited. Fad haircuts or extreme hairstyles that distract others are unacceptable; hair color must be a natural human hair color.  The administration has the authority to determine any appropriateness of hair style of students.
  8. Facial hair is not permitted for any student, including goatees, mustaches, beards, etc.
  9. Hats, caps or sunglasses will not be worn in the building. Bills of the caps are to be worn forward. Exception: Caps may be worn in the gymnasium during after-school athletic events only. An administrator must approve any other exceptions to this rule.
  10. Headbands, bandanas, doo rags, and gang related apparel will not be worn on campus or school sponsored events at any time.
  11. Male students are prohibited from wearing earrings. Any jewelry or ornaments that require piercing other than that worn in the ear by females are prohibited.  Gages are not permitted.
  12. Wallet chains or extremely large necklaces will not be allowed to be worn to school.
  13. Clothing will be neat and clean. All oversized and undersized clothing shall not be worn to school. Pants will be worn in a manner that does not expose the body or undergarments.
  14. Tight fitting pants (e.g. tights, bicycle pants, spandex, wind shorts, yoga pants) are prohibited. Tights may only be worn under a dress or shirt that is three inches above the knee.  Extra-long belts are prohibited. Belts must be put through the belt loops of the pants.
  15. Items of apparel that are considered extreme in dress (including clothing that has holes, torn, cut, frayed, ragged, patched, patches or displaying the body) or that advertise illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco products, slogan shirts, shirts with double meanings or that could be associated with gang activities will not be worn. No holes, frays, cuts, tears, patches above the knees on all bottoms, pants, jeans, capris, or shorts. Jeans can be patched from the knee to the ankle
  16. Cheerleaders will not wear their uniforms to school. They will be allowed time to change into their uniforms before pep rally time. Sponsors will be responsible for compliance.
  17. No tattoos will be visible unless 18 or older. All tattoos must be covered at all times during school and at all school activities/events.  A tattoo that is obscene, offensive or gang related will be covered and remain covered at school and at all school activities/events.
  18. Dress and grooming for extra-curricular activities may exceed the requirements of the regular dress and grooming code. These requirements will be at the discretion of the coach or sponsor of those events.

The administration has the authority to determine any inappropriateness of dress of students. In so doing, it will issue that just, sound and consistent action on these students. 

If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to quickly correct the problem at school.  If not corrected, the student will be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of clothing to the school.  Repeated offenses will result in more serious disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.